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Cripes, I have been found out!
Well, umm... welcome to my web page, no matter how you found it.

This webserver isn't really anything special. It used to run on my desktop Mac at work, and then my BSD box there, and then my welfare unix server at home. However, my cable company changed ownership a few times and so in turn did their usage policy... so ixnay on the ebserverway.

As luck would have it, I was able to take over a small space with a T1 along with some friends, and so this "new" box lives there and all is well.

In case you didn't know, "I" (that being "me", the author of this web site) am Jonathan Delgado. As this so-called site used to be on my work box I would blather a bit here about what I do at work, and how views and such expressed here are not indicative of those of my employer etc etc. But hey, this is all running on my own hardware and bandwidth now, so screw it.

Prepare yourself for a dose of the obligatory personal links...

... or not. It was great to put all of this or that out years ago, but there is honestly just too much scraping of personal data out there in current times. Still, there are some simple things I'm happy to share.

WMBR Shows/Podcasts
I love WMBR radio @ MIT, but I sometimes miss shows (or want to replay them). Here is a list of shows that I have setup a podcast feed for their archived shows.
Various photos I have shot and assembled on various topics. Quality varies.