chroot sftp with RSSH on FreeBSD 5.X
20 September 2004 How to get chrooted sftp action going with rssh 2.2.1 on FreeBSD 5.X.
Monitoring PERC3Di under SLES9 with Nagios
23 August 2004 How I use Nagios to monitor the status of a PERC3Di RAID controller in a Dell PowerEdge 1650 under SuSE Enterprise Linux 9.
SATA RAID with ICH5 on FreeBSD
21 January 2004 After days of floundering around with hardware RAID and vinum under FreeBSD, and a month or more of wound licking, I opted to revisit the topic of RAID on my new SuperMicro servers with the latest 5.2-RELEASE. These are the results.
SLES 8 on Dell PE 1750
15 December 2003 Some notes on installing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 on a Dell PowerEdge 1750

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